Guess what type of the games is loved by the residents of the land of the golden fleece and Down-under location? Initially, it belongs to the virtual gambling, secondly, it is easy to perform. You are completely right – that is an online slot with numerous encouragements.

The key reason why people adore it resides in the fact that the regulations are very unsophisticated – even a small bambino can manage it.

Free Pokies Features

Pokies have become premium since the period of the first real one-armed bandit foundation. Classic machines are huge and have a height of a person or even more.

Agree, that the web versions are more practical and convenient. You can act from the territory of your desire. And now we will describe the most popular and requested features that can be useful during the game. Entering them, you can get the extra multiplier, or choose a cash prize from the represented objects.

Bonus Game

There are some machines that present the players with lots of the happiness and which are more interesting than others. Very often a certain topic or a whole story is being revealed while acting.

Having collected a necessary combination, you receive a chance to move to the regime of the bonus entertainment or so called “game in the game” mode.

Several Levels

There are special games that can be performed at several levels. For instance, Castle Builder one. In this situation you can make up different castles at 4 various levels. They are named Forana, Empire, Ethril, Ilrian with the promotions at each one.

Gold Factory amusement suggests a multistage bonus game as well. It can be launched by dint of 3 coins or other amount. The Kitty Cabana machine offers 3 stages. During the 1st one you are given a benefit, the 2d defines the multiplier and the last one sets the quantity of free spins.

Free Spins Round

The Free spins round is an additional feature that can be observed and tried in online pokies, its title speaks for itself. When a player launches this option, he or she is handed some amount of rollings which are absolutely no-cost, and the wins are still possible – you have odds to act for real cash.

The amount of the spins can differ considering diverse web establishments. Its number can be 5, 10, 20, 100 and more. It is set by the operator and the index cannot be anticipated. Once you see it – do not waste time and grab the opportunity. They can be served with expanding, stacked wilds, multipliers which increase the gains.

Free Spins


One more brand new function in these numerous entertainments is re-trigger one, which makes it feasible for a customer to iterate the perk round.

In most cases it can be reached by gathering the same quantity of signs that you have collected for the first time, and if you come off arranging that – new chargeless spins are for you to exploit for the profitable delight.

Usually people are interested in the question, if it is conceivable to repeat this action on several occasions, but the slots are elaborated with a maximum amount of rollings that can be gifted in each round.

There are some devices where this option does not exist – so if you want to know exactly, read the information on the site carefully.

Extra Boosters

The amusement at the virtual one-armed bandits also includes the opportunity to encounter various additional icons that will assist in winning more cash for the game. They are called extra boosters and operate as the multipliers.

However, there is a difference. Those extra features can be activated only manually during the bonus rounds, but are not given by default as usual ones.


An innovative era of the online entertainments has led to a variation in the way the pokies are gambled. Annoying, primitive and out-of-date mechanisms are not so eminent and interesting for the audience today.

That is one of the matters why the Rolling Reels are so requested and sought-after. Microgaming was the inventor of such novelty. It can be considered as some sort of a prize index.

So you have to win as many consecutive times as you can, in order to reach this functionality. Apart from that, you can try Collapsing, Tumbling, Avalanche and Cascading rollers for more chances to gain some money.

Wild Features

This figure is responsible for substituting all the other symbols that can culminate in the winning. Frequently, the rule appears which says that it cannot change the scatter one, free spin or another superdividend attribute. The regulations relating to this feature can differ from one machine to another.


A stacked wild is basically the one that is able to cover the whole reel. They usually emerge in a collection of 2, 3, 4, or 5 icons. Some games possess a shot of receiving the stacked options on each shell, while the other machines make them come out exceptionally on certain rollers.



Expanding ones operate according to their name – so logically they expand. It watches the wild pics widening through the length of a reel, transforming each sign on that exact one on a booster symbol during the rotation.

Such action apparently offers lots of chances to gather winning sets. If the separate wins are formed after this occasion, they are appended to the virtual account.


Here are some more presents for the fans of gambling slots. The possibility to face one of the multipliers – the alternative to acquire the prize and make it on to the gaining. x2 up to x1,000 multipliers can be met by you during the performance. And that is awesome, isn’t it? Just imagine winning $100 and increase it by 100 times.

Progressive Jackpot

Be honest – you have always dreamt about hitting a jackpot at least one time in your life. Why not? The system of the progressive one is right here. The sum of it is being accumulated due to the bets of all gamblers. The trick is that only one lucky stiff can reach it.

Gamble Feature

This function appeared when the first classic slot had been developed. The players are provided with a capacity to increase their winning by doubling it. All that is happening in the bonus game – remember that. You have 50/50 choice.

Incorrect predictions immediately make you a loser and you get nothing. You should in most cases guess the icon or something else in order to benefit.

Online Pokie Fun Mode vs. Real Money Play

There are 2 variants of acting for you. If you are an individual, who has a strong desire to simply relax, spend time with pleasure and stay calm – so you can enjoy a free mode of the entertainment.

That is for great leisure. For the risky representatives there is a version for real cash – you deposit money and wait for the profit.

Bonus Slot Winners

Through the timeline of the online gambling, many people managed to try their fates with the aid of the virtual pokies. The biggest lucky man won performing on the machine developed by Microgaming supplier.

A lot of the users managed to reach great gains exactly during the promotion amusements – perk rounds. That is not so easy as it may seem.