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We set our sights only on the leading casinos and, thus, “kill two birds with one stone.” Our customers are satisfied with our work, and we are pleased to provide them with exceptional gambling goods.

New Pokie Slots

Why spend a lot of cash on “blown games?” If you are asking yourself this question from time to time, all you need is to look closely at the new pokies listed on our site.

They all have the best graphics, modern features, and big rewards. Also, they are suitable for various devices. We offer the fresh poker slots that will soon become the greatest ones. You will appreciate the true value of these new novelties. Stay tuned to us.

With innovative, new-made, captivating games, there is one problem: you can take all your free time viewing them. Or you can read our brief summaries of all the gambling products which will help you form your opinion faster.

Our gathered entertainments are of the best software companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are concerned about the highest quality of pokies for you!

How to Play Australian Pokies for Free at

We understand that the problem is some Aussie and Kiwis players don’t know where to begin when it comes to playing pokies. This is nothing to be embarrassed about.

We’re ready with directions. We recommend you learn how they work first. Then, you will learn how to play. We want to make your life easier than ever.

While you are sharpening your skills, we focus our attention on collecting 100 of the highest-rated pokies. That is our primary goal for starters.

Then, we have listed 498 slots of that kind. Subscribe to us, and you will see 1,000 of the very best pokie machines first hand!

Platform compatibility

Pokies are equally suitable for all desktop devices. You can get instant access to entertainments whenever you feel like playing for real cash.

Gadgets and phones are portable and meet your gamingneeds at your own pace. The question arises, “Why are there so many unclear situations?”

The main thing is your browser has to support flash and HTML5 formats to meet modern standards. Be assured, you will find games for all platforms on our site that adapt to your lifestyle.

Mac OS X

The second operating system, after Windows, is Mac OS X. Customized to meet your needs, casinos offer you pokie slots via MAC laptops.

Apple pc supports flash and HTML5, but it has to be updated to the current OS X Server 5.0 beta 4 version of 2015. We keep up withr the company upgrades and updates; you will stay current with us.


Desktop versions of gambling houses, as well as games, are created especially for computer users. The most popular operating system is Windows.

Online casinos are created with this system’s parameters in mind. Thus, all games are perfect for Windows users. No more endless searching; we show the pokie machines most easily accessible by your computer.


Linux is compatible with other operating systems. That’s why it is very popular among computer users. It is also considered as a clone of Unix due to Linux kernel.

It is widely used by people all over New Zealand and Australia. We know why you choose it. It’s common on smartphones, Android, and has the largest installed base of all operating systems.

You can play online for real at your pc since Linux/Unix is compatible with pokie games and online casinos.

Browsers we recommend

Do you know you can gamble online whenever you want? No special tools are required. All games have no download formats, and you can launch them instantly. Flash pokies are displayed at Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

It doesn’t matter what modern browser you use; you are able to apply the full screen mode. But as there is such a variety of them, we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each browser one by one.


Turn it on and it’s ready to start. The Google Chrome web browser is considered to be one of the fastest ones. It can be called that, because of the special feature allowing it to isolate the slow-loading Java in one window.

Because it won’t slow down your gaming session in the other one, you can enjoy your gambling experience. Let’s be honest. When the system lags, it can spoil the pleasure of pokie slots.

Chrome gives more control of the tab pages which a lot of gamblers duly appreciate too.


There are numerous users of Firefox. It lags less than other browsers. It is proven by information from Sauce Lab Company. This review puts it above other browsers.

It is created by the Mozilla Corporation and works on Gecko engine. But there is a gap as it often crashes.


The best browser for Mac computers is Safari. If you choose it, you can count on fast work. It is well-known that it also works longer without charge.

That can be handy if you play online. Created by Apple, this browser is usful with all its technology, and is the only browser that works independently from Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer

Another Windows β€œpet project,” Internet Explorer, can be used, but won’t make your gambling truly enjoyable.

Having numerous versions, it is fiercely critical of independent developers from other companies working in the same field like Mozilla. It relies on you, but if your pc becomes slow, its efficiency declines πŸ˜‰

Play pokies slots on your mobile

The latest word in gambling is the mobile casino. Ideally sized gambling houses and games look fabulously the same as on your computer. The high resolution of the displays allows you to get pleasure from your gambling session.

Mobile casinos are perfect companions to their desktop versions. One size fits all. You will behold the biggest and most spectacular range of mobile pokie slots that are available for Android and iOS devices.


We have a column, devoted to mobile games, where we gather all slots, adoptable for Android phones, tablets, and smart watches. Come and read our reviews to get the picture.



Mobile pokie machines can be gambled vi iPhone 6 plus, 6 S, 6, 5 S, 5 and so on.

The latest versions of Apple smartphones allow you to savor the prospects of future wins and enjoy the first-class graphics with their big display that turns gambling into extraordinary joy!


The designation “best” appears only on iPad pokies that meet our high standards. Ask yourself if you can afford not to get the most out of real gambling as the top-rated pokies are bound to make you win.

If you play them on your iPad, you get “double” the pleasure: big rewards on the best device for gambling. It’s portable with little weight: it is convenient and efficient. It allows you to play our top pokies which will become you favorites πŸ˜‰

Windows Phone

Don’t wonder if you can obtain a phone from Windows. The company specializes in technology. Some think they in monopolize the market. But, by having this device, you can be sure it is suitable for online games.

Those who agree that the Windows team has justly carved out their niche can also appreciate their work and play the games we’ve collected utilizing these devices.

Online Pokies Features

Free slots become more valued with time. These games have been improved. For those who demand all out gambling, we suggest becoming familiar with our list of games and their features.

Without a doubt, pokies provide Aussie and Kiwi gamblers with the biggest number of bonus games and money-making features.

Free Spins

You have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose if you go for the pokies featured Free Spins. Don’t confuse them with the free games from the casinos. They can be given as the single bonus.

We are referring to games with a feature which can be activated as soon as you hit the required combination of symbols. When playing, you can trigger this feature more than 1 times.

What’s more, the sum of free games varies from slot to slot. We are glad to offer pokies with biggest quantity of Free Spins for your consideration.

Gambling Features

Each product has characteristics that make it desired, special and money-making like the availability of the all-or-nothing game in pokies.

Exclusive specialties of pokies are gambling features, like half gamble, black-or-red, pick-a-higher-card, etc. After each prizable spin, you are allowed to boost any win by 2 or 4 times.

Stacked Wilds

You may actually like stacked wilds. These unique symbols, that are valued higher, can appear on any of the reels, whether it is a base game or free spins. These wilds cover the entire reels in pokie slots when they appear.

They increase your chances to win the highest jackpot of the pokie. You can find this feature quickly in the games by reading through the slot reviews on our site.

Rolling Reels

Microgaming, the software company, has presented its innovation called the Rolling Reels feature to the gambling market quite recently. It is another specialty that is bound to make you grab a mint of money.

If you hit a winning combination, you are paid out, and the win symbols are removed. The icons above shift position to fill the empty spaces; so, you can trigger more rewards.

Play Pokies Online for Real Money

Sooner or later you decide to try real gambling. That’s why it is important to choose not only the first-class pokie to play, but also to come up with a bonus.

Our variety of promotions will impress you greatly. You will be able to enjoy the most exclusive bonuses from no deposit to refer a friend. Let’s point out the best of the offers for pokies.

No Deposit

Frankly, it is hard to understand why everybody doesn’t take advantage of no deposit bonuses. You get all the benefits of playing for real while paying β€œzero.”

Casinos suggest obtaining the no deposit bonus with different conditions. But the single rule for this promotion reads as follows: “You pay nothing in advance.”

Register as a real player; claim the no deposit to start gambling at the casino for free. However, you will have to meet the wagering requirement for the promotion if you want to get back the winning gains.

Free Spins Offers

Is it still amazing that our site is the number one pick for the people of Australia and New Zealand? Check out our pack of casinos with free spins offers connected to the most popular pokies.

We carefully select the promotions that will get your interest and bring the most alluring ones for you to notice. So, be all eyes πŸ˜‰

Signup Bonus

Welcome or Sign Up bonuses are given away by the casinos to get you as their member. They are lucrative and beneficial. You should make a deposit which may be a required minimum sum of cash to take advantage of the promotion.

Start playing pokies for real money at the casino with free cash on top of your contribution. If you are intrigued by this bonus, you can find it on our site.

Payment options

Jackpots, prizes, bonuses, free cash can be yours! But you must create a real player account into which you can transfer cash via the payment option you choose. To begin real a gambling session, you need to come up with a payment mechanism.

Deposits that you can complete by means of PayPal or other well-known in the Australia and New Zealand payment services can be on your account. Other providers as MasterCard and Visa can be also used.

It might be a small investment which will deliver tremendous benefits in the future like the big ones high rollers do.

By playing through the wagering requirements, you are able to clean out your account. To withdraw your winning, you can utilize the help of the above-mentioned payment mechanisms.

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