The venturesome souls of the Aussie and N.Z. people demand some kind of the entertainment that will satisfy their appetites.

We know that 15 line pokies will help solve this problem. Lots of hazard, firing emotions and winnings will be favorable for such a risky audience.

15 Line Pokies to Play for AUD Directory

Overseas individuals can’t live without online gambling. The evidences are in numerous statistics. If you want – check it.

The virtual poker machines are in the “hobby lists” of many Australians and N.Z. humans – especially the ones with 15 winning ways. Read our topic to know more about these slots.

Slot Software Providers

The companies which create the gaming solutions for us – the avid players – deserve much respect. They toil over the best technologies.

They are Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech, NetEnt, B3W Group, Ace Gaming, Amatic Industries, Big Time Gaming and definitely Aristocrat, the founder of the online casinos on the location.


The main attribute of any gambling house is the bet. No matter what activity type you opt, the stakes are inevitable. The web one-armed bandits also offer to arrange the bets of different rates.

The maximum one in this case can be multiplied by 15 times, if you involve all 15 paylines. Remember, that you don’t bet generally here, you do that on 1 line.

Try to play 15 line slots

High Limit

There are the thrill-seekers who long for playing with really high limits. Such gamblers can find a tasty thing on many portals. They can pick out the machines with the huge stakes, so that to act seriously for real cash.

If the operator notices that some users invest much in their virtual casino, they undertake some measures to hold them and offer lots of VIP events with high limits.


Hey, newcomers, keep your chins up! Apart from the big bet pokies, we offer to experience the low ones.

It’s clear that the first timers can’t immediately play with the large entries, so the providers have elaborated the system of the tiny stakes or even the practice modes for free games.

Base Game Features

Better pick out the featured slots! That is our key recommendation. They are more profitable than the standard ones.

Once you try them, you will see the whole set of the differences. Here we offer to bandy about the most frequently met features in the 15 line activities.


It is pleasant to double the winning. Making it grow fourfold is even more exciting. But what will you feel coming across the x100 or x2,000 coefficient? No ideas?

So, you get to play some top-rated poker machines to enjoy this very option. The multipliers are very loved by the hazardous Internet adventurers – be one of them to see their effect.

Slots Bonus Rounds

The next featured thing you can face is the promo round. Simply investigate what symbols you gotta collect and be ready to meet the function with the knowledge of its value.

Surf through the terms, read about the option, play and then you will have the maximum odds for encountering it.

Once you reach the goal, you can move to the other part of the game – with diverse fable, pics and probably sounds.

Catch the wilds for the prizes

Free Games

If “free spins” word-combination means nothing to you, so that is a really complicated case. It is the most wide-spread function in the system of the slots with 15 lines.

The conditions are alike the ones with the promo rounds. Again, the terms will assist you in checking this info.

Extra Bonus Modes

Different entertainments can offer different extra bonus modes for absolutely diverse activity achievements.

As we have investigated, there can be up to 5 modes of the free spins promo feature. As an example, you can play at the 15 line Game of Thrones pokie to see the operating power of each level.

The admin can propose to pick a mode to act in. The rules vary from one online portal to another. However, look – not all machines have this extention.


Here it is significant to mention the rest of the possible options. Along with the free spins, you can face the multipliers. However, they can go separately as well.

The gamble feature is of a great value because each winning brings you a chance to enhance what you’ve gained.

The special wild symbols (stacked and expanding) give a birth of a wonderful smile on the face of the user. They can activate the bonus rounds, help hit the jackpot and simply make you benefit.

15 Line Slots Strategies & Big Wins

There are 3 key methods to beat the machine and we will now tell you about them. The initial one resides in the management of your finances.

Here you get to investigate the payouts, house edge indexes, limits and other money related issues of the activity.

The 2d one is the cheat plan. Look for the bandits with the smallest jackpots. If you like playing at the progressive slots, bet maximally in this matter.

And the last method – choose the video types with 15 paying lines (they are the best) 🙂